these golden times of ruin
songs with acoustic guitar - solo
tour dates
dec 7 2022 _ theater am saumarkt, feldkirch (at)
racing through the night - video 2017
live at chybulski, feldkirch, may.13 2022
racing through the night
dazed, drunk or stoned
a rainy cold night
live audio _ theater am saumarkt, nov.22 2014
they ruined my hometown
racing through the night
i can't give you diamonds
streets i'd grown up on
see you guys
one more song before we go
the devil's haze
no-fidelity serial killer doom noise
tour dates
the boogeyman video (cut-down version 2019)
live at chybulski, feldkirch, may.13 2022 - nightshift
dead direction
bass-sax, drums - freejazz noise
tour dates
live at chybulski as st.khaos, feldkirch, may.13 2022 - 2
st. chaos
tuba/trumpet, bariton-sax, drums - freejazz noise
encore (may 2018, chybulski, fk)
wind (nov 2018, chybulski, fk)
road to wineville 2013
solo works guitar noise drums
video - 12min 35sec from show - live at einbaumoebel, vienna - nov 2017
complete show
riverwitch 2010
blackmud river 2014
digital download - bandcamp
the solo versions
you did do me no good (dec 2018, 1baumöbel vienna)
wild rock'n' roll (dec 2018, 1baumöbel vienna)
janedoe 2003
sickness and doom
resurrected 2014 after ten years of silence - new lineup: voice and guitar - wolfram reiter, drums - albin kratzer
arts birthday - 17. jan
göfis, 2018 h gfader, w reiter, b köb, ...session
göfis, 2016 video
exhibition - art
nov. 27 - dez. 20#milk's kunst-rausch 2015# = 'mi ku ra...!!2015'
opening on friday nov.27 19:00 in göfis, austria - presenting a collection of my records and coverart - - including a short solo-live-performance - dear thanks to harald gfader!!
november - some new songs added for listening - recorded at last years 'damage and ruin' concert (support of blackmud river show), nov.22nd 2014 at theater am saumarkt in feldkirch, recorded by markus marte (thank you!!). hopefully these songs will make it onto vinyl... enjoy!!
october - i received the invitation to participate in this years 'milk_ressort' exhibition #milk's kunst-rausch 2015#, presenting a collection of my records and coverart - opening on friday nov.27 19:00 in göfis, austria - including a short solo-live-performance - dear thanks to harald gfader!! #milk's kunst-rausch 2015#
bandcamp side started - for listening, digital download, whatever...
september - the 3rd blackmud river lp (self titled) is ready for release, available in 3 different colored covers - yellow print, red+yellow, yellow on red. while doing the silk screen printing I did some more colors on the 'stranded' lp covers. so after finishing the self titled LP I started with these covers again. so if you already have the 'stranded' LP in first edition cover (grey print)... this one's really rare now !! blackmud river - blackmud river
in may philipp lizat left our newly resurrected doom band 'janedoe' - as we were working with some new songs - licking blood again - we decided to go on without him, currently without bass.
in january we had our release show for the second blackmud river lp 'stranded'- supported by an acoustic solo set of 'damage and ruin'. the release show for the 3rd (self titled) blackmud river lp will be later in 2015 - hopefully. currently i'm still workin on the printing for the covers. blackmud river - blackmud river
first 'blackmud river' lp 'you did do me no good' is released, it is the first of 3 records - all recorded in august 2013 and mixed in august/september 2014. this one is focussed on bad love and human greed, rather slow and midtempo songs. i supported the release show on the 22. of november with some new songs played solo on acoustic guitar. blackmud river - you did do me no good
after about 10 years in the abyss our band 'janedoe' is resurrected again - new lineup: voice and guitar - wolfram reiter, bass - philipp lizat, drums - albin kratzer
i premiered with 'road to wineville' on drums playing to sergei eisensteins 'panzerkreuzer potemkin' on 24th of may.
on may 2nd 'road to wineville' accompanied robert reinerts expressionistic silent movie 'nerven' (germany, 1919) using helmut köbs 'seagafon' - a kind of percussive instrument with saw blades all in all about two meters wide - bass guitar and a selfbuilt noise instrument for deep sounds.
first 'blackmud river' recording 'wild rock'n' roll' is released on smoking hell's lp+cd 'eastside movers and rhine valley groovers', july 2013 - to purchase please send me an email
second 'riverwitch' lp 'dead highway' is released - lofi grind-doom-noise-madness riverwitch - dead highway
first 'road to wineville' lp 'in the distance a black river' is released, slow doom guitar instrumentals road to wineville - in the distance a black river
'riverwitch' track 'hill 50' and 'road to wineville' track '50 downwards' are released on rockishell record 50 lp 'it can't get worse than this', may 2013 - 50 tracks all ending in locked grooves!!! by 50 bands
new band started - blackmud river -