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greed demo

side a
track 27:03
side b
track 35:44
track 1 - not on tape6:25
double bass, bariton sax, trombone - wolfram reiter
percussion, drums, banjo etc. - markus marte
recorded in may 2000

three years after the music for frankenstein wolfram reiter and markus marte took up erich von stroheim's silent classic 'greed' (u.s.a. 1923). the result was some jazzy score based on double bass, drums, bariton sax and trombone - performed at various towns over austria on the greed-tour 2000.

drei jahre nach der arbeit an frankenstein wieder filmmusik - für den stummfilm klassiker 'greed' (u.s.a. 1923) von erich von stroheim. es wurde ein reduzierter jazz score für kontrabass, drums, bariton sax und posaune.

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